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Tips for Moving Your Business

July 07, 2019

Is your business running out of space, needing an upgrade or heading downhill? It might be in your best interest to move your business to another location. Almost any entrepreneur will at some point consider relocating as a way to expand, however it’s a huge decision to make.

A big move can feel overwhelming, which is why we recommend considering the following lines of thought before packing up your company and signing a new lease.

Be aware of finances

Before jumping the gun and telling your employees the business in moving, be realistic about what you can afford, make sure you have enough money and be sure that it makes good business sense. Cost is a concern in any business decision and a move can help or create cost issues. Keep in mind that the cost of living differs among cities. Helen Dennis, president and co-founder of 300 Decisions, a business relocation company, says, “Business owners really should have a very detailed list to take them from A to Z to evaluate what they are going to need to budget for before they move.” If it’s possible, you should start planning a move 12 to 18 months in advance. Think about the logistics, plan early, make checklists and try to calculate your cots down to every last detail.

Do your homework before settling

To minimize the risk of choosing the wrong place, take the time and make a list of requirements for a new location. Some ideas could be having a safe environment, better visibility from the street, more traffic and room all for a price that makes sense for the budget you set. When you start to visit different locations, try to assess as many hard facts as you can such as traffic numbers, proximity to major highways, price per square foot, landlords reputation, space for growth and so forth.

Plan the move

To keep things running smoothly, you’ll need to plan the move itself. If the majority of your employees are moving with the company, create a spreadsheet and break down specific categories and responsibilities to each employee. You’ll want to cover everything from coffee mugs to the change of the address on the website and marketing materials. Encourage everyone to reference to the spreadsheet and plan before, during and after the move to ensure a successful move. Another very important aspect is making sure the phone and internet connections work before the move, if connectivity is important to your business.

Advertise the move

On top of making sure your phones and internet works, a business move also requires advertising to customers. There are plenty of ways to advertise to your loyal customer base, from hanging banners in your store to posting on a frequent basis on your company social media pages. It’s important to keep your customers informed and involved.

How will you move everything?

Once you have handled the tasks listed above, it’s time to handle the moving logistics. For an easy transition from one office to the next, Dowell’s Moving & Storage Victoria BC offers corporate relocation in the Regions of Vancouver Island. To learn more about our services and to receive a free quote, contact us today at 250-361-9866.