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13 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

July 31, 2019

When you’re thinking of hiring a moving company, it’s essential that you ask the right questions.

Not sure what to ask? We’ve got you covered!

Questions to ask before hiring a moving company:

1. Are you a licenced mover?

Any professional moving company should be recognized as such. Ask your potential movers about their credentials before signing on the dotted line!

2. Do you have insurance?

You want to ensure that your household of belongings is moved safely and securely which is the reason you’re hiring movers in the first place!

But is there a way to be absolutely sure that your items are protected?

The answer is yes: with insurance.

The moving company will have various plans to choose from in order to cover damaged or lost items because let’s face it, nobody’s perfect and accidents can happen, even with professionals on the scene.

And although an insurance policy will technically be an additional cost, it will be worth way more than that initial expense if something unfortunate does occur.

Have a conversation with your potential moving company about their processes with repairing and replacing items

3. How many years have you been in business?

When hiring a moving company, experience plays a large role in your decision-making process.

The answer to this question will help you understand what this particular moving company has to offer.

Have they been successfully moving clients for 10 years? 25 maybe?

This will also help you to connect with some of their past customers to learn more about the process from a homeowner’s point-of-view.

4. What do your services include?

Moving companies are not all built the same and you can’t just assume you know all the services you’re paying for.

5. Do you have the right equipment?

If you have specialty items like a grand piano and need specific supplies and equipment to relocate, you’ll need to check in with your potential moving company to ensure they can take on the task.

Not to mention they’ll need the right equipment to tackle the stairs, small entryways, and any other obstacles that could get in the way.

Your moving company should be well-equipped with all the essential tools and moving supplies needed to load and transport your belongings in a safe and efficient manner.

6. Do I have to provide any supplies?

This one’s simple: ask what your responsibilities are to the moving process.

Will you need to supply anything, or will they bring everything they’ll need?

For instance, if you plan on packing yourself, then you will need to buy the packing supplies like boxes, tape, peanuts, etc.

However, if you don’t feel like packing up…

7. Do you offer packing?

Ask if the moving company also has a packing service!

As packing is one of the most daunting and overwhelming tasks during the moving process, you can relieve some of that moving stress by having the professionals take it off your plate.

Packing services allow you to pack up in a safe and secure fashion, while you take care of important details from the move

8. Do you offer storage, as well?

Some things just don’t have a place in your new space.

That’s where storage comes in!

Ask to see if your potential moving company has any storage service options available.

9. Are there additional fees I should know about?

You don’t want to get settled into your new home and find out that you’re getting charged additional fees from your moving company.

That’s why you need to ask about them upfront!

Some companies will charge extra for awkwardly shaped, heavier items or if the route from the residence to the moving truck is more difficult than usual.

Avoid these unexpected costs by listing out certain items and details before sealing the deal with a moving company.

10. What is your timeline?

Your timeline needs to match up with their timeline in order for this move to be successful, so ask them to map out their preparations and moving day plans for you.

11. Will you create an inventory?

How will the moving company determine the total weight of your items?

Some may create an inventory, which will also include the condition pre- and post-move of all your items.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t organize and take stock of your own inventory — take pictures and make your own notes about the condition of your belongings, as well.

12. Can you provide a moving quote?

Getting an estimate from each moving company will help you make a final decision.

This is also a great opportunity to give them all of the necessary information about specifics with your belongings and obstacles within your residence.

13. When can we start?!

If all of the answers are pointing to “yes,” then the only question left to ask is “when can we start?”

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