Ultimate 8 Week Moving Checklist

8 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Make a plan: Write down everything you need to do before the big day
  • Create a packing list: Take inventory of your home to ensure nothing is left behind
  • Establish a budget: Add up your moving expenses like cost of travel, packing supplies, etc.
  • Research moving companies: Reach out for your free quote!

7 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Schedule the move: Lock-in your move-out date with your moving company and realtor
  • Declutter: Start to sort through your things and decide what to keep and what to toss
  • Host a garage sale: Make some extra moving money off your unwanted items
  • Donate to charities: Anything you didn’t sell will be welcomed at a local charity!

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Gather your packing supplies: Moving boxes, packing peanuts, markers, etc.
  • Start to notify: Let your friends, family, and employer know about the move
  • Transfer medical records: Have medical records sent to your new doctor’s office
  • Take care of school: Check on the enrollment process at your child’s soon-to-be school

5 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Start packing: Hit the non-essentials first and pack room by room
  • Label your moving boxes: This will ensure easy unpacking at the new house
  • Pay the vet a visit: Get a complete check-up before the relocation
  • Make minor home repairs: There may be a few areas around the house that could use fixing, especially if you’re aiming to get a security deposit back

4 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Contact your utility companies: Set up a date to transfer your services to the new house
  • Change of address: Notify the post office, bank, etc. of your move
  • Measure your doorways: In both homes, measure your entryways, halls and other areas in which you will be moving larger items through
  • Return all borrowed items: This means movie rentals, library books, and the occasional items that were lent to you by a friend

3 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Gather important documents: Keep these documents in a safe place with you, not in a box
  • Transfer insurance: If your current home is insured, you will need to transfer the policy
  • Service your car: Whether you’re driving to your new house or your car is being shipped, having everything checked will ensure there are no speed bumps
  • Research your new community: See what restaurants, stores, and parks are in the area

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Deep clean: Do a thorough cleaning of your old house and new home if possible
  • Plan for your pets: Set up a place for them to go on moving day
  • Dispose of unnecessary items: Extra paint, cleaning materials, etc. that can’t be taken to the new house
  • Cancel memberships: Contact your gym, subscription-based services, etc.

1 Week Before Moving Day

  • Clear out perishables: Check your pantries, refrigerator, and cupboards
  • Pack the essentials: Pack away everything that’s left besides your go-bag
  • Double-check on the utilities: Make sure that all utilities and services are successfully switched over
  • Plan your route: Moving locally or long-distance, map out the route you plan to take

You Made it to Moving Day!

  • Eat a good breakfast: You have a long day ahead of you so get your energy up
  • Plan with your movers: Your movers will do the heavy lifting, but you will be their guide
  • Take a final walk-through: It’s time to say goodbye and make sure nothing’s left behind

Settle in to your new home: You made it!