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6 Tips to Help Get You Through Your Winter Move

November 24, 2019

Winter in Canada is a special time of year. Not only are the provinces filled with the bustle of holiday preparation and festive cheer of the season, almost the entire country is blanketed in snow!

A lot of people love the magic of a snowfall, but if you’re in the process of moving this winter, you’re likely not one of them. Scheduling a cold weather move might not be ideal, but with enough guidance and preparation there’s no reason you can’t pull it off successfully!

1) Give yourself extra time.

With the possibility of inclement weather constantly looming, it’s important to plan for more than enough time to complete your move. Depending on the size of your house and how much stuff you have to transfer to your new place, this could mean more than one day of working with the movers.

You and your movers will have to drive slower and with more caution in winter weather conditions. This is to ensure the safety of not only your moving team, but of your belongings too! Plus, the shorter winter days mean you have fewer hours of daylight to work with.

2) Make sure all pathways are safe and unhindered.

Clear the snow from every walkway, entryway, porch, driveway, and parking space at both your old and new houses. You want your movers to be able to position the truck in the easiest location for transport and safely move everything into the house.

Keep an extra shovel around in case the snow starts to pile up while you’re working, and don’t forget to salt the ice too.

3) Protect your floors.

Between melting snow and dirty work boots, it won’t take long for your brand-new floors to get ruined before you even have a chance to unpack! You probably don’t want to leave the floors in your old house a wreck either.

Lay down cardboard or plastic sheeting wherever the movers will be walking to prevent stains and damage to the floors. Create a protected pathway through the house and an area to place boxes that may track in snow, ice, and debris.

4) Have some extra cold weather supplies on hand.

The temperatures can drop pretty low here in the Great White North, and the winter wind often has a bite. Ensure you and your movers stay as warm and comfortable as possible by having extra pairs of gloves and a few extra hats available. Cold weather accessories can get soaked pretty fast with snow and ice, so it’ll be nice to switch them out with something dry.

Consider providing your moving team with warm beverages too. A cup of hot coffee, cider, or cocoa can do wonders to energize and lift spirits in the midst of winter!

5) Be especially careful with fragile items.

The cold can make a lot of your belongings more brittle than usual, and a powerful wind can easily knock a light box to the ground. If you know your move will happen in the winter, pack your fragile boxes with extra cushion and double wrap your items.

You’ll also want to separate anything that can be damaged by the cold—electronics, medications, etc.—to be loaded into your heated car instead of the truck. You don’t want them to be out in the cold for the duration of a long-distance move, or overnight if your move is unexpectedly interrupted by weather.

6) Stay up to date on the weather.

Keep an eye on the expected weather in the weeks leading up to moving day. If a storm or other dangerous conditions seems imminent, talk to your movers about rescheduling. It’s better to delay your move than get caught in treacherous weather.

When the day arrives, continue to stay updated on the current conditions and the forecast for the day. This will allow you to plan accordingly for the safest route. If conditions worsen and your movers think the best course of action is to postpone the rest of your move, you should heed their advice.

The only surefire way to get through your winter move efficiently is with the help of professional and experienced movers who know how to work in all conditions! The team at Dowell’s Moving & Storage knows how to care for you and your belongings in rain, shine, snow, and anything else nature throws our way.

Take one step closer to being home for the holidays and contact us today to get a free quote for your move!