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A Long-Distance Moving Checklist: Planning Your Trip

August 20, 2019

So, you found your dream home—just a couple hundred miles away… no big deal, it’s just a long-distance move, also known as one of the toughest kinds of residential moves to make.

But you got this!

And even if you feel like you don’t, we’re here to help. In our long-distance moving checklist, we focus on making the trek to your new address and the important things to do before heading out.

Measure your furniture & doorways

Why? Because you don’t want to get to your new place and not be able to get the sofa through the door.

Especially after you just paid to have it shipped across the country.

If you measure your furniture and the dimensions of your new home, you’ll be able to determine before the move if you want to ship your furniture or buy new once settled in.

Change your address

An important step when planning your long-distance move is notifying the right people of your change of address.

Since you are covering a great distance, it will just be less of a headache for you if you cover all of your bases before making the move.

Moving your belongings across the country

A DIY move may make sense when you’re relocating just across town, but across the country? Or even better, internationally?

We think it’s time to call in the professionals. Though the cost of your move will go increase, the time, energy and sanity you’ll save will make up for it.

And when planning for a long-distance move, it’s always helpful to understand where your moving costs are coming from and how they are calculated.

The cost of your move is determined by three factors:

  1. The distance you’re moving
  2. The weight of your belongings
  3. Additional services like packing and storage

Move distance

This variable is pretty straight-forward, calculating the distance between your old place and your new space.

The other variables in the cost of a long-distance move are left for the moving company to evaluate during an in-home inspection.

Weight of Items

A professional moving consultant will be able to come out to your home and take stock of your overall inventory and formulate a moving quote.

Additional moving services

These services include packing and unpacking, crating, and storage services that you require to make your move a success.

Although you may want to save in this area of your moving budget, these additional services are also the most ideal way to keep you and your belongings safe and secure during a long-distance move, so the extra expense may be worth it.

Moving yourself across the country

So, now that you’ve finalized how your household items are getting to your new home, how do you plan on getting there?

Planning your route

What is the best way to get from Point A to Point B? Plane? Train? Road trip? It’ll depend on how you’d like to travel and also who you plan to travel with!

Do you have kids that won’t get restless on a long car ride? What about pets that may not be allowed on the train?

Think about these few factors and what you plan on taking with you to determine what route you’ll take.


If you’re planning on making the cross-country drive, then it’s essential that your vehicle is prepared to make the trek, as well.

First, get your vehicle serviced—the full treatment!

  • Are your tires in check?
  • When was the vehicle last inspected?
  • Are you due for an oil change?
  • Planning on towing anything?

Getting your vehicle checked out will lessen the chance of hitting a speed bump along the way to your new home!

Next is hammering out the route you want to take. Take to a map and figure out the best way to get to your new home, planning ahead for roadwork and scheduling your pit-stops before moving day. This will allow you to book any hotels you may need in advance and help you solidify a timeline.


Sometimes, flying is the best option to get to your new home. Book your flight early to secure the best price and to check one more item off the moving checklist.

However, if you do fly, you may still have a car that needs to end up at your new address, as well…The good news is, there are plenty of auto transport companies that would be more than happy to safely move your vehicle.

Always keep the delivery window in mind

You may arrive at your new home before your belongings do since long-distance moves can be pretty lengthy. So, be sure to bring some extra clothing and all the essentials along with you so that you’re not left stranded while waiting for the movers to arrive.

Are you ready to make the move?

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