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Advice for Moving Your Pet to a New Home

August 18, 2019

Getting ready for a move can be tough, not only on you, but also on your pets. This is a big change and if you’re feeling stressed, you can only imagine how anxious your pets are.

Make the transition to a new home easier for your beloved companions by following these simple tips

Choose a pet-friendly neighborhood.

Hopefully when you picked out your dream house, you kept your furry friends in mind. Is there enough space in your new place for the plethora of toys and beds? Is the yard fenced in so you can let the dog out with ease? It’s important to plan ahead and figure out the needs of your pet in their new home.

Another good idea is to walk around the neighborhood and get a sense of your surrounding community. Make sure you and your pup feel comfortable on that first walk around the block in the new neighborhood! Be on the lookout for any areas that may seem unsafe for your pets and take note of any unattended or aggressive dogs your new neighbors may have.

Slow down the moving process for your pets.

Pets are not the biggest fans of change, so you can imagine a move can be overwhelming for them. The ASPCA suggests that bringing in moving boxes early can help adjust them to the moving process. They can become acquainted with these foreign items and get used to their subtly changing environment.

  • It’s vital to keep your pets’ routine as normal as possible during this time. As you are packing up the old house, try to keep your furry friend in a familiar room.

When the big day comes, try to keep your pets in a quiet room away from all the chaos, or better yet keep them at a friend or neighbor’s house. You don’t want the loading process to stress them out and you’re going to want your focus to be on moving your belongings efficiently.

Pet-proof your new space.

This is going to be a completely new environment for your pet to explore and you’ll want to make sure it is pet-friendly. Prior to your move, check the house for open electrical cords or spaces where your pet could explore too much and end up getting stuck. Make sure all windows are secure and check inside and outside of the home for potentially poisonous plants. Also, if there was a pest problem, check that all poison traps have been disposed of properly.

Plan the trip to your new house.

Whether you’re moving to the next town over or halfway across the country, it’s important to plan your road trip ahead of time. You should prepare your route, how much time you’re going to drive each day, and book accommodations if necessary. You will be more at ease on the road with all of these travel elements taken care of and it will allow you to focus more on the gas fill-ups and bathroom breaks, for you and your pets.

If your pet isn’t used to being in a car or in some cases, a crate within a car, it’s important that you get them acclimated. Try keeping the crate in your house for a few days leading up to the move so it’s not brand new to them the day of.

You should pack your car properly, taking all necessary items for you that you might need readily available, including various pet supplies:

  • Pet food
  • Bottled water
  • Toys
  • Beds and blankets
  • Pet medications
  • Leashes and fecal bags for dogs
  • Litter and litter box for cats
  • And treats, of course!

Pack your car so that it has everything you could need while on the road or during your first night at the new house. Remember to not overstuff the vehicle so that everyone’s comfortable.

Let your pet settle in.

After a long journey for both you and your furry friend, the time has finally come to introduce them to their new home. You may be tempted to let them loose to explore right off the bat, but a large, unfamiliar space can be overwhelming.

Move your pet into the new place just like how you moved your pet out of the old place. Start by familiarizing them with one room, or their “home base.” Here you can have all of their favorite toys, food, water, and a litter box for cats.

Remember your pets need time to adjust to the move.

It’ll be hard to give your pet some personal space, but it’s important to let them adjust to their new home in their own time. Introduce them slowly to new areas of the house when they’re ready, so that it’s not too much to take in at once.

The Spruce recommends staying home with your pet for the first week. Their surroundings are already foreign to them so it will help them adjust easier if they have their favorite human around. Experiment by leaving the house in small increments and eventually they will become comfortable with being home alone. If you have to start a new job immediately after the move, consider hiring a pet sitter or using a pet day care so your pet isn’t alone all day.

If you and your pets are planning a move soon in the Victoria area, let Dowell’s Moving and Storage make the process easier. You’ll be able to focus on your furry friends, and we can take care of the rest! Call us today at 250-361-9866 to learn more about our professional moving services in Victoria BC or to get a quote.