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How to Efficiently Pack Up Your Bathroom for a Move

January 27, 2019

Is the thought of packing up your bathroom a little overwhelming?

Though it quite possibly may be the smallest room in your house, it has the ability to hold a lot of stuff. And by stuff we mean your bathroom essentials, and hundreds of miscellaneous items that you couldn’t put anywhere else but the bathroom closet or cabinet.

Not to worry—you’re not alone. Though it can be tricky to pack up your bathroom, it must be done!

Here are a few tips and tricks that we have found that make packing up your bathroom a little less painful and a lot more efficient!

Build a bathroom go-bag

Packing the bathroom is an intricate process, as we said. You can’t just dump everything into a few boxes, tape them up and call it a day.

Instead, you’ll need to be a little more discerning about how you pack, and, if you can, be patient. The bathroom is one room that should be left for the end of your packing process. Everything else in your home you can mostly do without, but your bathroom essentials are exactly that: essential.

So, when the time comes to tackle your powder room, you should first set aside all of the items you’ll need to have available the days leading up to and immediately after the move.

Pack as if you were packing an overnight bag and set aside anything that you’re going to need handy, instead of tucked away deep in a box. Leave those items in a drawer and pack them in your overnight back on the day of the move.

This go-bag should include things like medications you take every day, your toothbrush, any toiletries that you use daily, soap and shampoo for the shower, and any beauty products or tools that you’ll want when you wake up on the first morning in your new place.

Also, remember to pack a few clean towels to take with you!

Keep your first aid kit handy

If you keep a first aid kit in your bathroom, leave it there: when you’re handling heavy boxes, using tape guns with abandon, and hauling all your worldly possessions in and out of closets, you’re bound to get a little bruised and banged up.

First aid kits stay in the bathroom (and then in the go-bag) until you’re totally unpacked in your new place. Then, you can put it back in the bathroom cabinet.

Declutter & purge

When’s the last time you went through your medicine cabinet and checked for expiration dates?

Before you start to pack, you’ll want to reorganize a bit—trust us, this will make unpacking easier and future-you will be grateful.

Sort through your bathroom items and separate them into piles.

Any old medicine needs to be trashed (call your local pharmacy for tips on safely disposing of over the counter and prescription medicines!).

Makeup is only fresh for about 3 months; chances are you have some items in your makeup bag that are significantly older than that, so be sure to toss them! There’s no use in packing and moving things that you’ll throw away eventually; plus, packing and moving creates the perfect opportunity to take stock in your bathroom essentials so that you can start fresh at your new place.

Pack your liquid items with care

With all the commotion on moving day, your belongings may experience some jostling.

Wrap all liquid or gel products in plastic wrap or plastic bags to prevent spillage as you pack and move.

Any items that are unopened are fine, but anything you’ve used is a potential leak risk.

Pack your fragile items with even more care

Many tend to have fairly fragile items in their bathroom, from décor to glass perfume bottles and more. Luckily, you have the perfect packing materials at the ready: your bathroom towels and linens!

You can use these softer items that will have to be packed anyway to swaddle your more fragile items nestle them snug into a box.

Label everything

When you’re getting ready to move, this should go without saying: labeling everything! It’s important, especially for the bathroom.

Write “fragile” on boxes that contain glass items and be sure you are specific with your lists of box contents. “Bathroom” isn’t descriptive enough when you are moving into a home with multiple bathrooms, so writing “shampoo, hair dryer, make up” on your boxes will prove more helpful.

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