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What to Pack First When Moving

August 11, 2019

When planning a move, we can all agree that the most stressful part is packing. We know that everything from our old house needs to somehow make it over to our new house, but how does it happen?

Ah—we as the homeowners have to pack it—we almost forgot!

Well instead of staring into the abyss that is the entirety of your household belongings, we’ve broken the process down just a bit to seem less daunting.

Here’s some advice on what to pack first when moving:

Packing by room

Packing by room is the easiest way to keep organized during a move.

  • First, you are able to focus on one part of your home at a time, keeping the process from becoming overwhelming.
  • Second, it will keep like items together, helping your future self when looking to unpack and settle in at your new place.
  • Pro Tip: Label the boxes by room. This will help you determine which rooms to unload each box in without having to see what’s inside.

The rule of the thumb when packing your home room by room is to tackle rooms that aren’t frequently used and the rooms that are the hardest to pack—trust us, you’ll feel so much better to get these areas out of the way.

What room should I pack first?

First things first: take care of all the odds and ends.

This means those places in your home where you tend to hoard…we mean store stuff. But not just stuff—we’re talking about those items that you keep and save for a rainy day but will never use.

So here are the first places you should be packing up:

Garage: Many items find their home in your garage and it can be a real pain to sort and organize everything.

That’s why it’s essential you tackle this area first, because if you don’t, you’ll never get through it all.

Basement: Ah—another place that houses all of your random items.

Start organizing downstairs and just keep the packed boxes down there and out of the way until moving day.

What room should I pack last?

The rooms used most frequently are the areas that should be touched last when packing since you’ll be using those items up until moving day.

So where are the places in your home that are most lived in?

Bedroom: You can’t have a good night’s sleep with your bed packed up and in the hallway, right?

Not to mention, this is where all of your clothes and accessories are housed and we’re pretty sure you’ll need those items up until moving day…

Bathroom: Filled with arguably the most essentials you use on a daily basis, you’re going to want your bathroom to be functional until you leave for good.

Try to pack your bathroom last so that there’s no inconveniencing yourself!

Packing by item

When it comes to the different household items you own, there are certain things we’d suggest packing first.

It’s kind of simple—determine what is essential and non-essential.

Your non-essential items are exactly that: non-essential and should be packed up way before moving day, leaving the essentials for last, just like we did with the rooms!

What items should I pack first?

So, what exactly are some of those most common non-essentials that you should be looking out for?

Items for storage: Are there a few items (or a ton) that you don’t plan on taking to the new house with you, but you want to hold on to them for the future?

Storage in the answer!

Pack these items first and get them out of the way and into a storage unit. It will make the rest of your packing easier once you’ve cleared out some of the clutter.

Seasonal items: Moving during the summer? Sounds like you won’t be needing your winter coats.

Making the move over the winter? You definitely won’t be using your patio furniture or pool inflatables.

Rarely used items: Those items that you use every once in a while, can have a break. Pack them away and become reacquainted when you’re settled back into your new home.

Books you’re not currently reading, extra bedding, and that coin collection of yours can all get packed first.

Décor: Might as well get the easy items out of the way and that includes home decor.

It’ll give you time to focus on packing them securely so that they’ll be ready come moving day, and you won’t feel rushed.

Bring in the packing professionals

Instead of worrying about the packing, let the professionals handle the task.

At Dowell’s Moving & Storage, we have the experience and equipment necessary to pack up your home in the most efficient way possible.

Give us a call at 250-361-9866 to learn more about our packing and crating services in Victoria BC!